TechnoMed Pixonic Revo ZTechnoMed Pixonic Revo Z

TechnoMed Pixonic Revo Z

TechnoMed Pixonic Revo Z’s high-End Ultrasound with Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning



The adoption of Artificial Intelligence on TechnoMed Pixonic Revo Z not only simplifies the ultrasound workflow greatly, but also provides enhanced reproducibilty and consistency in measurement. With well-trained Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the burdensome structure recognition and manual measurement procedures are now replaced with one-key operation. Given the big data used in the algorithms, the variables, which may affect the diagnosis consistency and repeatability, for example doctors' experience, conditions, could no more be a problem because of the uniform and precise guidelines built by Artificial Intelligence.



With the comprehensive contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging and quantification package available on linear, convex and endocavity probes, TechnoMed Pixonic Revo Z offers doctors a thorough solutions to evaluate perfusion dynamics in a wide range of clinical setting. Dynamic Acoustic Control technology can generate a uniform acoustic pressure along the whole field and therefore elongate contrast agent duration and improve lesion perfusion. The combination of MFI, MFI Time and MFI Mix allows doctors to view the lesion perfusion from different perspectives and hence diagnose more easily and precisely.



The color performance of TechnoMed Pixonic Revo Z reaches a new height aiming to expand the range of visible flow in ultrasound.
Innovative technologies and sophisticated processing algorithms result in exceptional color sensitivity and blood flow profile, which is crucial for more precise detection of difficult blood flow signal like peripheral vessel and tiny microcirculatory flows.



The remarkable upgrade TechnoMed Pixonic Revo Z has made on both imaging quality and accurate quantification makes it the most versatile ever model of TechnoMed in cardiovascular. Clear display of anatomical structures and hemodynamics and precise funcional assessment are at the core of diagnosis evidence in cardiovascular imaging. Equipped with TechnoMed's unique pure single crystal phased array transducers and state-of-the-art processing technology, TechnoMed Pixonic Revo Z committed to restore every fine detail and element for precise diagnosis. New Myocardium Quantitative Analysis (MQA) provides in-depth quantitative report on global and regional myocardial wall motion dynamics of the left ventricle, offering doctors a comprehensive assessment of myocardial functions.